Ascendants are the first people that you ever consider important in your life (also known as parents). They give you food, shelter, and all the basic necessities you need. Ascendants believe they know what's best for you at all points in your life. Although, that's not always true.

Most ascendants want their descendants safe and to not get hurt. Ascendants fail to see that when their descendants get hurt that they actually learn. Whether if it's in a good way or a bad way. Although ascendants hate to do that, at some points it's the best thing to do.

Every descendant knows what's best for them even though most ascendants don't believe so. The only way to test the theory is for ascendants to give the descendants the responsibilities you have, or the ones they want. Some descendants can actually handle the pressure and end up proving themselves. While other descendants can't handle it and end up being proven wrong. Ascendants jobs are sometimes the hardest jobs.

Ascending is one of the hardest jobs in the world to do because descendants don't come with instruction manuals. Ascendants have to work, take care of their descendants, buy groceries, pay bills, and a ton of other tasks. Descendants don't make it any easier. Ascendants are the only people that work their hardest to make sure that their descendants have what they need and want. Some ascendants aren't that way though.

There are also abusive ascendants. Abusive ascendants are the ones that usually get their descendants taken away and not given back, most of the time. These types of ascendants aren't always physical abusers though. They can also be mental/ emotional abusers to many people. The ascendants that live like this and do this are mostly the ones who have suffered the same thing growing up. They don't mean to act like this it's only because of the trauma they've already suffered.

All in all, it's not that all ascendants are bad, it's just past problems they've suffered from. If anyone does have an abusive ascendant I strictly suggest that you ask for help ASAP from either a counselor at school or police. No one deserves an ascendant like that, even if they feel like they do. Please contact someone even if you know someone who has an ascendant like this.