Balancing personal life and school life

Personal life can't be balanced with school life. Sometimes you have to give up a personal life for school life, or sometimes the other way around. Some people say it's easy, but if it was then why can't everyone do it? School life basically consists of homework, clubs, extracurricular activities, sports, and etc. While personal life consists of family, friends, jobs, and just doing things that you enjoy doing outside of school. Compared to school life your personal life is more important. Just for the simple fact that your personal life explains more about you than school. School is only supposed to make you "smart", but it really doesn't, you make yourself smart. Your personal life is the thing that makes you smart. Your personal life lets you make mistakes and learn from them no matter how many times you make the same one. School life is like the police of it all (hahaha). You make a mistake in school it's like the world is over and you completely ruined your future which isn't true. School doesn't let you learn from your mistakes it only punishes you. All in all, personal life helps you a lot more than school life.