Bully Bee's

Bully bee's

Bullying now in schools has gotten worse. Teaches, students, principles, administration, and school boards aren't doing anything to stop it. Some students in our schools are getting bullied nonstop and no one is doing anything. Anyone who sees or hears about bullying, should step up and say something. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

Students who get bullied are usually the ones who are always quiet in class, hiding in the back, never talking, and who are usually always looking depressed (If not angry). These students are always getting talked about in negative ways. People don't realize that gossiping and rumors are bullying as well. Bullying if reported even once or heard about needs to be taken seriously and promptly. The student doing all this should be suspended for a week or two out of school.

If the bullying continues then the student should be arrested. Some schools have turned to this alternative and it has worked. It is better than letting the bullying continue. Once the students return you have a meeting with the parents and the student and explain that next time he/she will not be getting out.

Nowadays when schools hear about bullying issues they don't take it seriously when multiple or even one complaint form is filled out. Then school staff and members wonder why there is so much fighting in schools. Let me just say this... IT IS CALLED BULLYING!!! If you do not start getting stuff together in your schools the way they should be then don't be surprised at the outcomes. These kids who are getting bullied are also the ones who think about shooting schools up sometimes. The reason why...SCHOOL STAFF DOES NOTHING TO HELP THE PERSON WHO IS GETTING BULLIED AND LETS IT CONTINUE!!! Some students who get bullied are also the ones who think about ending their lives or do end their lives.

BULLYING IS WHAT SCHOOLS SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON!!! Even though you tell students to come say something they may not because of threats. Some bullies threaten the people they bully that is they say anything their either gonna get beaten to death, killed, or anything else that causes massive amounts of harm. Some people who bully others, have friends or other people to keep an eye on their target. You have no idea how far bullying can go until you put two and two together. Or even when it's too late and you let a life die or go.

Bullying is the worst this that is happening in our schools and no one is doing anything about it, including schools and their staff members. I'm not sorry if this is making anyone angry because this is a real issue and should be taken care of seriously and quickly. We don't need more lives being taken due to bullying, because those people didn't deserve what they did go through or what they are going through. For all you who think this is stupid than you fit into different groups of people. Those who are stupid and those who just don't care. If you are in one of those groups then you maybe you should start thinking with a brain and get a life. I can tell you now that if anyone bullied or is bullying anyone and I heard about it or saw it; I wouldn't wait for backup or the school. I'd be the one who steps in to defend the person who's getting bullied and if the bully wanted to start a fight then you best believe that they won't be getting up for awhile. So they will have a massive headache. I'm not just speaking for myself when I say all of this, I'm speaking for every person who has or is getting bullied. If you have a problem with it then don't listen because there will always be someone who will.