Music affects everything in your life. It can affect your mood, all the way to how your day is going to be. Most of the time people listen to their favorite song because it makes them feel a certain way. Whether it's in a good way or a bad way. Music is used as an escape from reality. It's almost like an alternate world. For instance, my favorite song is "At my best" by Machine Gun Kelly. It makes me feel sad and angry, but at the same time really happy. Not like I want to get up and celebrate happy, but a relaxed kind of happy. Usually, when people hear bad music they don't like they know it's going to be a bad day. Maybe even a depressed, slow day. Then when others hear their favorite songs all day, they know it's going to be a good day. Sometimes it's the opposite.

Some people say music makes people act or behave in different ways. The real truth is that music doesn't make you feel or behave differently. You're the only person who lets things influence your behavior and how you act on it. When people hear certain songs they may react out of anger or try and stay calm. Some songs bring back bad memories for others. Some sad, depressing, scary, or frustrating. When songs do that to people they don't try to tell them to quit listening to the song. The reason being, maybe it's the only thing that helps them let the emotions flow so they can move on faster. Or possibly the only people can try to get over stuff and learn to cope. It all just depends on the situation of the memory.

Although most people may disagree with this it's actually been proven true. People use music as a way to escape reality. It helps people learn to cope. As well as to deal with good and bad memories. Music's just an alternate reality that allows people to live inside their mind without being judged. To do what they want whether it's to release anger, get things off their chest, or anything else for that matter. Music isn't the problem for people. Music is the solution.