Religions have been around for centuries, causing war and chaos between everyone. Many people have died due to differences in religions and beliefs. Back in history, Christians were the ones who killed people for beliefs other than theirs. Then it changed to Muslims or Islamic people killing Christians. It's been a crazy ride since the beginning of the centuries.

There are a lot of religions, but only five major ones. These are religions are Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, and Judaism. The monotheistic religions are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The polytheistic religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. Monotheistic religions only believe in one god or messiah. While polytheistic religions believe in more than one god or messiah. Every religion also has their own worship place. Which can also be called their sacred place. While some religions hate each other, some actually try to make amends. Hindus and Buddhists usually have their own little places in small towns or areas all to themselves. While the other three major world religions have churches or buildings to hold services. Although these are not the only religions out there, they are the most talked about. Along with well known among all religions. No matter what religion you are or want to be, it shouldn't matter what other people say about it.

Most people base their religion choices on ethnicity. Some people that I know are Christians because of their ethnicity. For some people, it's just by what they want to believe in or find interesting. For me, I have no religion. I don't believe in God, Satan, Muhammad, or any other religious stuff. Sometimes people just don't want to be consumed by religion. For those who do choose to be religious, that's their choice. To me, people just need to understand that religion doesn't describe you as a person. That's the lesson everyone needs to learn.