The stress of a new school year

So far this year not only myself but others I know, have told me that they have been getting more homework as of late. Which for me was expected but what I didn't expect was most was online but also due the next day. I have three dual credit classes this year. My history class has already made me buy a book, paying for it out of pocket. Despite that History has been the easiest. My English is troubling. For English I have to buy two extra books,turns out I bought the wrong ones. Though, Spanish three is what gets me the most. I personally have a hard time understanding Spanish. I know I am not the only one. A friend of mine had confessed that she didn't want to be in that class but now that she was put in there, she is having a hard time. Another friend told me that they don't appreciate that lots of school work is online see, they don't have wifi at home and don't live close enough to a place that offers free wi-fi.

Also, lord help you if you miss a day. Just today I had to make up one test, postpone another until monday, take another one in math and catch up on in class work for most of my classes. Despite this I know it will only get worse and I am not sure if I am prepared.